Be honest!
How successful is your organization today at implementing assignments from the head office?

Often your greatly needed idea or new program never reaches all concerned employees/ customers correctly in all hotels.

Today many CEOs admit that up to 50% of all head-office assignments being launched are never or only partly put in place!

  • Head office executives complain about poor completion rates, missed deadlines, and a
    lack of feedback; as a result, they cannot easily report status progress to their CEO.
  • Hotel managers feel overwhelmed by the different head-office assignments – in large
    part because of the poor preparation and launch approach.
  • Department heads often must correct lacking documentation and define their own
    strategies and tactics for implementation.

Resulting frustrations and inefficiencies in multiple hotels means a significant amount of time and valuable resources is wasted.

Are you ready to change how head-office assignments are implemented?

Standards in our industry
Today we are used to working with and applying standards in all areas of our hotels to deliver best quality to the customer!
  • Why don’t we apply the same to our fellow employees when implementing projects and activities from the head-office?
  • Why don’t we have clear leadership standards to ensure the best leadership and implementation quality?